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5 Tips for Your Pets for 4th of July

1. Keep your pets at home

This may go without saying, but the safest place for your pets once the fireworks start booming is at home. Pets don’t associate the loud noises with a celebration and they may panic.

2. Alcohol is bad for pets

While not intentional, if you dog ingests alcohol, they can become severely intoxicated. The ingredients can be extremely poisonous to your pet and could even be fatal.

3. Make sure your pet is properly identified

If your pet is not a fan of fireworks, it could cause them to panic, which may lead them to unexpectedly become loose. Make sure your pet has the proper ID tags regardless of the occasion.

4. Keep the fireworks away from pets

Fireworks pose a danger while lit and are dangerous once they have been ignited too. You run the risk of burns as well as ingestion of toxic substances.

5. Don’t feed your pet table food

Food typically served at a 4th of July celebration are not good for your pet, Beer, onions, and avocado are items to stay away from.

Have more tips?

These are just a few tips to ensure your pet is safe during our nations birthday. Have any tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below.