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Wags & Tales Reading Program

The ability to read is crucial to becoming a lifelong learner. Many students find it embarrassing or even impossible to practice reading aloud in a classroom where other students might make fun of their struggle with reading. The Humane Society of Broward County is uniquely positioned to offer Animal Assisted Therapy dogs as eager and non-critical listeners as an alternative to classroom reading groups.

The Wags & Tales Reading Program was developed by our Education Department, in an effort to provide a non-judgmental audience (Animal Assisted Therapy dog) for students experiencing difficulty with reading in a quiet and private location (library or school). Participants learn how to be safe around animals as well as what a loving friend, a dog, can be as they improve their reading skills.

Watch here to learn more about the Animal Assisted Therapy Program


This program is open to all parents/children.


Parents with children interested in this program should contact one of the libraries listed here and ask how they can pre-register for some special reading time with a therapy dog.

Schools or libraries interested in starting a Wags & Tales Reading program, please fill out the form below.


The Humane Society of Broward County partnered with Broward County Libraries in 2001 and Broward County Public Schools in early 2003 to establish the Wags & Tales Reading Program. Wags & Tales is a research based reading motivation program for children with reading difficulties. Certified Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) dogs and their handlers visit students at selected schools and libraries to help strengthen reading skills. This program demonstrates how Certified Animal Assisted Therapy dogs and their handlers can be instrumental in improving the literacy skills of children in an effective, unique and, most importantly, fun manner.

Literacy specialists acknowledge that children who are below their peers in reading skills are often intimidated by reading aloud in a group, have lower self-esteem and view reading as a chore. The intent of this program is to have the children read to the therapy animals. The dogs do not comment on inflection, interrupt to correct mistakes, laugh at mispronunciations or make fun if the reader stutters or wears glasses. Our Wags & Tales Reading program allows children to read and learn in a non-judgmental environment.

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