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Animal Assisted Therapy Program Fee

  • Humane Society of Broward County’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program POLICIES AND PROCEDURES 1. I will abide by all Humane Society of Broward County (“HSBC”) policies and procedures. 2. I will represent the program in a professional manner. I will observe rules of privacy and confidentiality, be on time for visits, not be under the influence of drugs/alcohol, and be well-groomed and professionally dressed in accordance with facility and HSBC dress codes. 3. I will uphold the HSBC Animal Assisted Therapy Program code of ethics. 4. I will only visit with animals that are certified as a therapy animal with HSBC while acting as an agent of HSBC. 5. I will abide by all policies, procedures, and precautions of HSBC and each facility I visit. If HSBC and my facility have two different policies on the same topic, the more conservative of the two will apply. 6. I will be responsible for my animal at all times, considering their needs and care above all else. 7. I will always stay with my animal and remain in control of the situation with the lead in my hand. I will never tie animals to people, equipment, or furniture while visiting. I will never allow my animal to roam free. 8. I will clean up after my animal both inside and outside the facility, and I will abide by any facility-required cleanup rules. 9. For safety reasons, my animal must wear a collar or harness and be on lead, and I will hold the lead at all times, including breaks. 10. Before each visit, I will make sure my animal is well groomed and in good health. 11. I understand that animals must not be on a raw meat diet or fed raw meat foods at any time during their role as a therapy animal. 12. During a visit I will not bring food or treats out when another animal is nearby. 13. I understand that I am required to wear my HSBC identification badge and AAT Volunteer shirt (in addition to any identification required by the facility) while providing or promoting Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) as a certified team. 14. I will not borrow money or personal items or receive any personal gratuity or gift, such as money or jewelry, from the people that I visit. Likewise, I understand that it isn’t routinely acceptable to give gifts to the people that I visit, even small gifts such as candy and cookies. 15. I will not charge a fee for services that I perform in my role as a therapy animal handler. 16. In the event of an incident, accident, or unusual occurrence, I will stop visiting immediately. I will report, without reservation, all details of the incident to HSBC’s Animal Assisted Therapy Manager and follow their direction, with the understanding that all information will be treated sensitively and with complete confidentiality. 17. I will not take photographs or video of the people that I visit without first obtaining the consent of the client, or a legal guardian or custodian of the client. 18. I understand any time that I am re-evaluated, the team qualification rating from the new evaluation will supersede the rating from the previous evaluation. The new rating applies immediately, even if the team’s registration period hasn’t yet expired. For example, if a renewing team is scored “Not Ready,” the team’s registration period expires early. 19. I understand that I will not visit if my pet was taken to the vet or groomer that day; my pet is ill, injured or has sutures (lesions, hair loss, atypical urine/stools, swelling, bloating, hot spot, abnormal temperature, ear infection, etc.); my pet is emotionally stressed; my pet has an unusual odor from the ears, body or mouth; my pet has had a change in appetite or fluid intake; my pet has taken medication that might affect behavior; I am not feeling well (physically and/or emotionally). 20. I understand that in the course of my volunteer work I may be exposed to information of a confidential nature pertaining to patients and/or their families. I will consider all information that I may hear, directly or indirectly, as confidential. I will not seek information in regard to a patient, except as it pertains to my volunteer assignment. I will not release information about patients or their families. 21. I will attempt to make at least two pet therapy visits every month to be considered an active member of Humane Society of Broward County’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program. 22. I will only visit facilities and attend events that have been sanctioned by the Humane Society of Broward County while representing the HSBC AAT Program. Code of Ethics 1. Perform duties that are consistent with your position, education, and training. 2. Demonstrate a belief in and attitude of reverence for all life. 3. At all times, treat all animals, all people, and the environment with respect, dignity, and sensitivity, maintaining the quality of life and experience for all who are involved. 4. Be informed and educated about the aspects and issues that are related to AAI and HSBC. 5. Demonstrate commitment, responsibility, and honesty in all phases of your activities. 6. Comply with all local, state, federal laws and HSBC policies that govern AAI. 7. The following types of unsatisfactory conduct are serious enough that violations might result in termination from the HSBC Animal Assisted Therapy Program: • Breach of client confidentiality. • Abuse of any client or animal, or conduct that is detrimental to the HSBC. • Theft or removal from the premises, without proper authorization, of any property that belongs to a facility, a client, staff or another team. • Unauthorized use or possession of intoxicants, narcotics or other drugs, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while volunteering as a handler. • Harassment of any type. • Using the HSBC Animal Assisted Therapy vest to gain public access or otherwise misrepresenting your animal as an assistance animal. Volunteer Uniform • Volunteer shirt and ID badge • Functional and washable bottoms (jeans, khakis, or respectable shorts) • Comfortable shoes with good tractions (closed toes shoes) Pet “uniform” • Current rabies tag is on collar (no chain, prong, or electric collars) • Regular leash (no retractable leashes or chain leashes) • AAT ID badge • AAT vest or bandana (if applicable)
  • Please initial below that you have read and understand the Polices and Procedures of the Humane Society of Broward County's Animal Assisted Therapy Program. I understand that my companion animal and I are acting as representatives of the Humane Society of Broward County, and I will conduct myself in a proper manner by abiding by the established standards. I understand that If I am not able to comply with the standards expressed in the visiting guidelines, it may result in termination of the volunteer by the Humane Society at its sole discretion. *You will receive a copy of the Policies and Procedures with your gear.
  • Includes AAT volunteer shirt, AAT pet vest, volunteer badge, pet volunteer badge, and registration as a certified Animal Assisted Therapy team through the Humane Society of Broward County.