Just check out the before and after photo below! Our hearts are so full for Disney and her new family.

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We visited your shelter on February 2 to “just look” at the dogs. There was one gentleman, a volunteer adoption counselor, who kept steering us toward Sori, saying she would be a good dog for us. We finally caved and spent some time with her in a visiting room. She was so withdrawn and terrified; wanting nothing to do with us. She was a beautiful dog and the perfect size, so we said “ok” and adopted her that day.

We didn’t hear anything from her for three days, no bark, no whimper, no whine. She would hide in the corner beside our sofa.

Here she is, a month later; bright eyes, vocal, energetic (she LOVES to run in our backyard), can sit/lie/stand/speak and go to her crate when it’s time for us to leave the house (which she takes on cue when I put my watch on!)

She is the perfect dog for us. We cannot thank you enough for how you cared for her and brought her in so she would adopt us! By the way, we renamed her “Disney.”
Jim & Kathy S.

Shelter Success Story: Disney pup

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