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Diamond in the Ruff - JR Dunn - Pokey

Diamond in the Ruff: Pokey

Look at this gorgeous guy! Pokey (ID 607617) is a simply stunning 6-year-old mixed breed with some of the most gorgeous brindle markings we have ever seen. But, he’s not all good looks – Pokey is sweet and affectionate, too.

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Shelter Success Story: Gunner

Pets can often be our greatest source of love and comfort. They are always there to offer a compassionate glance, a snuggle, or maybe even a kiss whenever we need it most. For Rita, Gunner gave her family exactly what

Diamond in the Ruff: Diamond

We’d like to introduce you to a truly great dog with a ton of love to give. Meet Diamond (ID 599566)! This 2.5-year-old mixed breed is an amazing family dog… all she needs is a family! Diamond is housebroken and

Diamond in the Ruff: Chloe

After 10 years in a loving home, this week’s Diamond in the Ruff has spent the past 2.5 months waiting to be adopted. Meet Chloe (ID 595956), a 10-year-old mixed breed is looking for a family to spend her golden

Shelter Success Story: Diesel

As you all know, bully-breed dogs often get labeled as mean or aggressive dogs – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like any breed, their temperament depends on how they were trained/raised. In the Shelter Success Story,

shelter success story

Shelter Success Story: Cady and Stonie

Do you have your own Brady Bunch of a blended fur family? Through an unexpected series of events, Calvin has formed a beautiful trio of bully-breed dogs that all love and care for each other as if they were litter-mates.

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