Ways Kids Can Help



Start Helping Now…

images Kids ages 6-13 can join our Cooper’s Kids Club!

images Teens 14 and older can join our Teen Club!

images Form an animal club at your school!

images Make kitty tube toys for homeless cats!

Have your parent help you cut some empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls into 3 inch pieces. Decorate some 6 inch long strips of paper with colorful drawings or patterns, use stickers, etc. Wrap the paper around the cardboard roll and use tape to secure the paper. Use scissors to fringe the ends. Have your friends help you make a bunch of these and then bring them to the Humane Society for the shelter cats!

images Raise money for the animals at the Humane Society!

Hold a car wash, lemonade stand, bake sale, etc. Use your imagination!

images Make an “Adopt me!” bandana for a shelter dog!

    Click here for instructions.

images Help a homeless pet find a home!

On our website, choose a pet that is up for adoption. Why not choose a pet that may have a harder time finding a home, like one that is older or has all-black fur? Design a colorful, eye-catching flyer “advertising” the pet for adoption. Include important information about the pet, including where the people can call for information. Make lots of copies of your flyer and pass them out in your neighborhood, at the store, post one at your local pet supply store – get creative! You may help a homeless pet find a home!

images Learn all you can about animals by reading books about them.

images If you see someone being mean to an animal, tell a grown-up.

If you don’t speak up for that animal, who will?

images Have a toy drive

and collect toys for the animals at the Humane Society! Toys help to keep the animals from getting bored while they wait for a new home. But, the toys wear out quickly and need to be replaced constantly. Why not encourage your friends and family to donate a new toy or two? The toys that work best are the kind that can be easily washed and cleaned: Large rubber toys for dogs, ping pong balls for cats, and small plastic cat toys with a bell inside for rabbits. Imagine how happy the animals will be!

images Set a good example by taking good care of YOUR pets!

The Humane Society of Broward County is proud to be a Purina Shelter Champions Partner.

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