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Teen Adoption Ambassador

Teens can earn their required high school community service hours by partnering with a parent and becoming a Teen Adoption Ambassador. The shelter’s Adoption Ambassador Program is similar to foster care… but goes a step further. Adoption Ambassadors will provide temporary homes for select dogs, cats and sometimes rabbits, which will be spayed or neutered and given their preliminary vaccinations before arriving in their temporary homes. All food and supplies needed to care for the pets are provided to you. Unlike foster families, Ambassadors will help maximize their pets’ availability and exposure to potential adopters. You can put a bright orange “Adopt Me” vest on your Ambassador dog while walking them in parks and other pet-friendly, highly visible public venues. For cats and rabbits, you can create signage, use social media and let friends, family and co-workers know you’re caring for a wonderful pet that is looking for its forever home.


Teens seeking to earn their required high school community service hours.


As a Teen Ambassador, you will earn five hours for every day the pet is at your home. In addition, you can earn hours for walking your Ambassador dog in public with their “Adopt Me” vest on; making and hanging signs; promoting your Ambassador pet through social media; and making phone calls and sending emails to let people know you have a loving pet that needs a home!

Once they have found the perfect home for their dog, Ambassadors will process the paperwork and present the adopting family with their new loving companion. As a further reward, they’ll know that as a result of their efforts, the dog will not have to spend another day at the shelter.


For more information contact Linda Sanders at 954.266.6814. Phone calls are accepted from a parent or guardian only please. Families must complete three successful adoption experiences before school service hours are awarded.

Teen Adoption Ambassador Gallery

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