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Diamond in the Ruff

Diamond in the Ruff: Sidney

His past owner called him timid, but we call Sidney quiet and cautious. Meet this week’s Diamond in the Ruff Sidney (ID 516474). This sweet 3-year-old came from a home that was hustling and bustling, which just was not the

Shelter Success Story

Shelter Success Story: Lillie and Violet

We often get visitors at our shelter who come with absolutely no intention to adopt. Whether they are just dropping off donations, want to give some treats to our adoptable pets, or simply want to see who is looking for

Weekly pet flyer

Weekly Pet Flyer: July 26, 2018

In this week’s pet flyer, you’ll find 5 adorable, adoptable cuties looking for forever homes. Please scroll down to learn more about them. And, if you cannot adopt, won’t you help them by printing and sharing this weekly pet flyer?

Diamond in the Ruff: Shadow

Pets, just like diamonds, are meant to last a lifetime. They are not fads or something you get rid of during a move. Sadly, this has not been Shadow’s (ID 517927) experience. This is Shadow’s third time at our shelter.

Diamond in the Ruff

Diamond in the Ruff: Wendy

At the end of the story, Peter Pan told Wendy Darling, “Just always be waiting for me.” We may not be in Neverland, but this darling little Wendy (ID 403324) is waiting, too – waiting for someone to grow old

Weekly Pet Flyer: May 31, 2018

National Smile Day Pet Flyer On May 31, National Smile Day encourages everyone to wear their best smile! The first recorded smile on record took place on 126 B.C. Okay, we made that up. But did you smile? Joking aside,

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