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Shelter Success Story

Shelter Success Story: Rocco

Every family that decides to adopt a rescue animal is special, but families that knowingly choose to add a pet with medical needs hold a special place in our hearts. For many potential adopters, seeing that a dog is labeled

Diamond Shelter Success

Shelter Success Story: Bowie

Throughout the year, longtime Humane Society of Broward County supporter J.R. Dunn Jewelers will be helping to create true love – by sponsoring pet adoptions so that more dogs and cats can find happy homes. The program (which is now

shelter success story

Shelter Success Story: Cady and Stonie

Do you have your own Brady Bunch of a blended fur family? Through an unexpected series of events, Calvin has formed a beautiful trio of bully-breed dogs that all love and care for each other as if they were litter-mates.

Shelter Success Story

Shelter Success Story: Princess

No matter how old they are, in our eyes, our dogs will always be puppies. For Princess, adopted from us ELEVEN YEARS AGO next month, not only is she still a baby in the eyes of her mom, Stephanie –

Shelter Success Bambi

Shelter Success Story: Bambi

One of the most common questions our adoption counselors receive is “Do you have to live in Broward County to adopt?” The answer: NO! As long as the necessary travel arrangements are made, our animals can call anywhere “home,” as

shelter success story lucy

Shelter Success Story: Lucy

Losing a pet is one of the most devastating losses any animal-lover will ever experience. We recognize that the relationship between a companion animal and a person is a special one. When that beloved pet dies, an important love bond