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weekly pet flyer

Weekly Pet Flyer: January 18, 2018

Weekly Pet Flyer Here are 5 furry and fabulous shelter pets hoping to have settled into loving homes well before Valentine’s Day. Are you looking to fall in love? Keep reading… you never know what you’ll find at the Humane

Weekly Walk Update

Walk Update Wednesday: January 17, 2018

View this email online if it doesn’t display correctly CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 15 NATURE’S MIRACLE CRATE WINNERS! On January 3, we announced that we received an extremely generous donation of 15 Nature’s Miracle “Port-a-Crate”s! All you had to do to be

weekly pet flyer

Weekly Pet Flyer: January 11, 2018

Weekly Pet Flyer Here are 5 furry and fabulous shelter pets in need of loving homes. We’ve got dogs who would be great fits for active families, as well as lazy cats who would enjoy a long life as a

Shelter Success Story

Shelter Success Story: Rocco

Every family that decides to adopt a rescue animal is special, but families that knowingly choose to add a pet with medical needs hold a special place in our hearts. For many potential adopters, seeing that a dog is labeled

Weekly Pet Flyer: December 28, 2017

Goodbye 2017, Welcome 2018 As 2017 comes to a close, we’ll be adjusting our hours again for the holiday. Please note that we will be closing early (at 5:00pm) on Sunday, December 31 and will remain closed until 10:30am on

walk update

Walk Update Wednesday: December 27, 2017

IT’S THE PURINA INCREDIBLE DOG TEAM That’s right! For your amazement and delight, Purina’s Incredible (and gravity-defying) Dog Team is back! If you’ve never heard of these guys before, they’re a collection of some of the world’s most athletic canines performing